In 1979, the University of Louisiana Monroe became the first school in the world to offer talent scholarships to water skiers. Since that time, we have always maintained the most competitive scholarship program in the country

Facts About the ULM Scholarship Program: 

• Out of State Waiver:

Each Scholarship includes a waiver for out-of-state fees. 

• Based on What You Ski:

Our scholarships are awarded on 3 levels, based on the ability to contribute to overall team score at Nationals. Scholarships are performance assessed and awarded accordingly. Each event (Men’s and Women’s) is composed of a team of 5 and we also try to maintain alternate scores for each event. 

• Athletic Scholarships:

We do not penalize you if you have a bad semester. We encourage you to have the best grades possible, but we do not want to lose you. Your scholarship is conditional on you maintaining athletic eligibility and meeting requirements outlined in the scholarship 

• We Do Not Penalize You for Other Scholarships:

If you achieve an academic scholarship you will still receive the same athletic scholarship from the team. Our Level 3 scholarship covers the maximum amount we are allowed to award as an organization.




2020-2021 Scholarship Levels//

 (Per Semester)



 (Per Semester)

Several memorial scholarships specifically for water skiers are included in the scholarships on the ULM Foundation Scholarships page, however students are encouraged to apply for as many as they are eligible for.



Cost of



*Based on full-time status (12 hours) The amounts cover your tuition, fees and living expenses. These are an estimation based on the U.S Federal Government Cost of Attendance. These are estimates and what you actually spend on the above may be higher or lower depending on your own lifestyle.