• Amanda Bryans

USA Water Ski National Championships

We would like to recognize our two American Warhawks on their recent achievements at the 78th GOODE National Championships. Our captain Amanda Bryans and team member Garrett Stallings took home gold in the trick event for W1 and M1 respectively. Amanda scored 3,510 points in trick for 1st place, jumped 65 ft. to place 7th, slalomed 2@32 off for 10th place, and came in 4th overall with 2,306 NOPS points. Garrett scored 7,370 points in trick for his national title, jumped 156 ft. for 6th place, slalomed 1.5@35 off to place 8th, and finished 2nd overall with 3,226 NOPS points. In addition, our recent graduate Brandon Schipper placed 2nd in the Open Men's jump division with 198 ft. and 3rd in Open Men's slalom with 2@39 off after a run off. Congratulations and Talons Out!

The US National Championships took place in Zachary, LA at Tri-Lakes (Bennett's Water Ski and Wakeboard School). As always, we appreciate the Bennett family for their hard work to make these tournaments possible and enjoyable. This year was no exception to their dedication in furthering our sport and stepping up as a host site when there was a need!

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