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ULM Water Ski Team Performs Ski Show on the Bayou!

The ULM Water Ski Team presented a Ski Show on Monday afternoon, on the Bayou DeSiard at the University of Louisiana Monroe. Fellow students and colleagues from ULM and VCOM Louisiana were in attendance, as well as a number of families and members of the Monroe community.

The team at ULM are well known for their success in tournament water skiing, however this week the water ski team showed people some skills that were pretty new to them! Alongside an exhibition of Slalom, Trick and Jump tournament water skiing, the team performed show ski stunts like the pyramid, human handle, around the world (boat) and even went over the ramp together!

"After everything with COVID it was great to get out amongst the community and entertain people." Alex King- Graduate Assistant.

Photo Credit @vcom_louisiana

Coach Woodgate asked senior team member, Emma Brunel what she enjoyed the most about doing the ski show.

“It was a good way to reunite the team during this abnormal semester and show other students and faculty some of what we are fortunate enough to do every day.”

The Ski Show lasted a little over an hour, water and popsicles were given out by the Campus Activities Board and the Water Ski team handed out free ULM Water Ski coozies and sold tee shirts.

"It was a pleasure to be able to put on this small event on campus for our friends and supporters. We were all overwhelmed by the support that we received and the number of people that turned out to come watch us. It is unfortunate that we do not have a tournament to host on the Bayou this year, however I am very excited for what the future holds for us with hosting events on campus with the turn-out and support from everyone in our community." Michael Woodgate

Thank you everyone who turned up on the bayou to watch us and tuned into our social media pages @ulmwaterski to stream the ski show. We had a lot of fun putting the event on and look forward to what we have coming up in the future!

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