• Michael Woodgate

ULM Water Ski is Taking Precautionary COVID-19 Measures

The University of Louisiana-Monroe Water ski team is committed to the safety and well-being of their athletes. As a precautionary measure, The Water Ski team underwent COVID-19 PCR and antibody testing earlier this afternoon.

The ULM Water Ski team are privileged to have access to the facilities under the ULM Athletic department. Following the guidelines created University COVID-19 task force, the Water Ski team was able to have access to COVID-19 testing through the department of Sport Medicine to assist the team in maintaining a safe campus environment for the team to continue going to class and training with the use of all our facilities this fall.

"The well-being of our athletes is my top priority. Our athletes have access to a fantastic facility on the water, but it is important to supplement this with sports medicine support that our athletes need to excel. Providing them with the athletic training and medical services to complement their on-water training is very important to me. If I am to be sure to put our athletes in the best position possible for them to succeed, it is important to them as student athletes to maintain their health and be able to attend classes and train. Having access to COVID-19 PCR and antibody testing for our athletes is another example of ULM's commitment to our Water Ski team." Michael Woodgate- Head Coach.

The ULM Water Ski team would usually be looking forward to their first tournament of the fall semester this weekend, in the run-up to what would usually be our home event on the Bayou before Regionals and Nationals. Unfortunately, circumstances have led to ULM Water Ski's fall season being canceled, but this isn't stopping our athletes from training and pushing themselves to the next level.

Junior athlete Dominique Grondin-Allard spoke on why it is still important for her to be training this fall, without National Collegiate Water Ski Association tournaments.

"Although I am disappointed that I will not be able to compete for ULM this fall, I still have events around the country for me to ski in. I have shifted my training from focusing on NCWSA Nationals to training for a record tournament at Sunset Lakes in Florida in October. Our season outside of collegiate skiing has been cut short this year also, so it is important for me to get scores in tournaments to move up the World Rankings list. This means training cannot stop for me and I must use all the time I have to continue improving to reach my goals."

We hope that our athletes are protected to the greatest extent possible through our precautions that will put our athletes in a position to be able to carry on improving and competing in IWWF sanctioned events throughout the rest of the year.

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