The ULM Water Ski Team is made up from athletes from all around the globe. Currently we have athletes representing the USA, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden and France.

Our athletes have all been recruited based on their exceptional abilities that have been proven on the National and International stage in competitive water skiing. Many of our athletes have grown up representing their nation in Slalom, Tricks and Jump and some even currently hold National records!

Current Athletes//

Mens Team

- Alex King
- Carter Lucas
- Stefan Petrenko
- Garrett Stallings
- Victor Gorbaczuk

Womens Team

- Dominique Grondin-Allard
- Emma Brunel
- Amanda Bryans
- Luiza Charnyshova
- Sonya Maksymenkova
- Lily Meade
- Lea Miermont
- Katie Nutt
- Stanislava Prosvetova
- Valerya Trubskaya
- Sara Vesterlund